Being a self-developer

In recent years, there have been a proliferation of cases of construction in self-development, either individual (for a single dwelling) or based on a community of owners (for individual dwellings on shared land).

Its success is due to the enormous advantages that this alternative provides, compared to the conventional procedure in which it is a promoter who is responsible for the promotion work.

buena vista hills mijas

Tired of not finding a home that suits your needs?

In self-development, you are the promoter of your own home. You decide how you want it, how you are going to use it, if you need a playroom for the children, a large study to work, if the kitchen has to be the center of the house or you prefer the living room, if you want many windows or a balcony where to put flowers, the finishes, the types of doors and windows, the level of quality of each element, etc. You can decide even the smallest details and customize each corner of the house. In short, you customize and adapt the house to your needs.

Pay what is worth, nothing more.

Another of the main reasons for the success of being a self-developer is economic savings. We can save around 30% of the cost of a new construction home from a developer or real estate agent. We work directly with the industrialists, eliminating intermediaries and saving the benefits of these agents both in relation to the PEM (material execution budget) and in relation to administrative procedures and sales.

Organization and coordination by the same architect who designs the project.

You can think that being the promoter of your own home brings several associated problems, such as having to deal with commercials, ask for quotes, follow a timing, receive different materials, or ask who is responsible for all this. But it is not the client’s task; from our architecture office in STRATA we offer the Project & Construct Management service to manage and coordinate the entire project throughout the entire process from start to finish. So, being a self-developer becomes a very attractive and economical alternative with a much more personal result and adapted to the needs of each client. A great example is our flagship housing project in Costa del Sol called Buena Vista Hills where state of the art design and architecture is being used to construct luxury villas for the customers. This new turnkey villa development can be a perfect place to live in the south of Spain and is no doubt worth the investment, as once completed … you can count on a safe investment return of 25-30%.