Costa del Sol as your Holiday Residence

Make Costs Del Sol your Holiday Destination in 2020

The best memories we have in life are of holidays we have experienced. Holidays are times when we clear our schedule and focus our time on having fun, relaxing, bonding with friends and family and creating memories that last a lifetime. For this reason, it is essential to choose a holiday location that can help you achieve the ultimate holiday experience. One of the best holiday locations for 2020 is Costa del Sol.

Where is Costa del Sol?

Costa del sol is situated in the southern region of Spain. It is in between Costa de la Luz and Costa Tropical and along the coastline of Malaga. The area has beautiful landscapes, luxurious beaches, amazing traditional foods, and a lot of customs and traditions. One of the top places to visit in Costa Del Sol is Busta Vista Hills.

Buena Vista Hills

Buena Vista Hills is a development project in Costa Del Sol with turnkey villas situated in an exclusive community called Urbanizacion Buena Vista. As the name suggests, the villas are built on an elevated area above the Higueron Resort. Buena Vista Hills has ten villas, all of which are breath-taking with an excellent view of the sea and mountains.

What to Expect from Costa Del Sol as a Holiday Destination

Quality- The region features the best restaurants, recreational venues, and hotels in terms of quality, architecture, and comfort.

Views- The beautiful location of Costa Del Sol, the hills, mountains, infrastructure, amenities, architecture, beaches, and the sea are a sight to remember.

Accessibility- Costa Del Sol is easily accessible through the International Airport located in its vicinity. It is also easy to access cities like Malaga, Marbella, and Benalmadena from the Buena Vista Hills. You can also easily access social amenities like restaurants, laundry mats, pharmacies, clubs, hotels, resorts, and beaches. With all these amenities you will have an incredible time.

Standards- The exclusive community is the definition of luxury. From its contemporary architecture to its creative designs and chill location, there is no better definition of luxurious.

Privacy- If you are on holiday and want a private experience, Costa Del Sol is the way to go. The city is home to hotels and resorts that are keen on privacy as well as secluded beaches.

Weather- Costa del sol is “the cost of the sun.” It has beautiful warm weather for swimming and relaxing as it should be during a vacation. The fact that the weather is pretty much warm all year long makes it the perfect holiday location at any time of the year. Statistics indicate that more than two million tourists visit the region every year, especially for the climate and experience that it has to offer.

Meals- One of the best parts of a holiday is experiencing new cuisines. Costa Del Sol offers the best of Spanish Cuisines.

Best beaches in Costa del Sol

Take Away

When you visit Costa Del Sol, be sure to make a stop at the Buena Vista Hills and experience all that the gated community has to offer.