How to Find your Way to Buena Vista Hills

About Buena Vista Hills

Spain is an enviable host to a number of desirable places and spaces whether you are a lover of the architecture or a foodie and nothing can beat the ambiance in the Costa del Sol in the Andalusia region. In the heart of Andalusia is the magnificent Buena Vista Hills, a sought-after development project and the epitome of luxury living and open excitement.


The location is quite famous for the fantastic weather, the pleasant beaches, beautiful nature and the rolling winds. All these plus many other amazing features sum up to make this region one of the highest growing areas for tourism in Costa del Sol for people from different parts of the world seeking to have a piece of luxury living.

How to get to Buena Vista Hills

There are a lot of unbeatable views and sceneries in the region, but you might be wondering, how exactly am I going to get there? Worry not, because this article is going to guide you on how to get to Buena Vista Hills with your desired mode of transport.


There are a variety of modes of transport to use right from the airport including a bus, a train or a car. It is up to you to consider the mode of transport that suits your taste and preferences. You can choose to get to Buena Vista Hills coming from Marbella or the airport.

Coming from Marbella

If you are coming from Marbella, you can choose to use:


  • The bus, which will take you 1hour 23 minutes and includes a 15 minute transfer. The bus leaves hourly departing from the Marbella Centre through Fuengirola, La Fuente de Mijas and Horcaperro.
  • A car, which will take you 23 minutes on a 36 km stretch. For the specific route, Click here.
  • The train from Fuengirola to Buena Vista Hills for approximately 1hour 10minutes and it leaves every 20 minutes.

Coming from the airport

If you just landed from wherever location in the world and you wish to cruise your way to Buena Vista Hills. You can choose from having a bus ride, getting on the train or just drive yourself there. The following is a breakdown of how the different modes of transport compare.


  • By bus: If you choose to head over to Buena Vista by bus, then you have to know that the bus leaves from Benalmadena to Buena Vista Hills every 30 min and it would take you just 30 minutes to get there. Click here
    to get the route details.
  • By train: Kindly note that this service includes a transfer. The train from the airport leaves every 20 minutes for Benalmadena, which will take you 15 minutes then from there you could take a bus ride to Buena Vista Hills. The train service is called Cercanías Málaga and serves commuters between Malaga and the towns in the province running on a total of 70km track. You can get your tickets online or at the station.
  • By car: It is definitely the quickest way of getting to Buena Vista Hills that will take you approximately 18 minutes. Click here to get the fastest and possible routes to the location.